President's Message by Roger Teshima

  September 2020

We are living in some very trying times in the midst of a pandemic. Our daily lives have been severely impacted and turned upside down. Health concerns, business and economic concerns, educational concerns... the list seems endless. However, out of all of this, we have found ourselves to be very resilient, quite strong and determined, and very resourceful. Some of us have discovered an inner strength we may not have known we had. Parents became teachers and they worked with their children to try to keep their lives on track and as "normal" as possible. Through online chats, we made contact with family and friends that we may not have normally spoken to for some time. 

I wish to acknowledge the heroic actions of our frontline workers, the hospital personnel, our police, our firefighters, our emergency first responders, and the list goes on, all of whom left the relative safety of their homes and went out to work for us. 

I've become a pretty good online shopper buying groceries, home office supplies, toys for grandkids and so much more. I've driven so few kilometres on my car that I can't remember the last time I had to fill up the tank! That may not be you but I'm one of the people in the higher risk group, you know a senior. 

A new CJCA Board was declared after our late August AGM with the addition of our new Treasurer Katy Takaoka and Secretary Susan Matsumoto. Rounding out our Executive is Maureen Coleman who has been such a sold performer and has gone above and beyond in her volunteer work on the Board. Three of our members retired from the Board: Treasurer Shirley Shigematsu, Secretary Fong Louie and Wendy Nagata Mahtoy. Our association thanks them for their incredible service in helping our community. 

The Board is looking forward to getting back to work to organize more online events and activities to keep our members engaged and connected to the organization. 

For now, the Nikkei Centre is still closed but we are making preparations for the day we may be able to open.

The toll on us is not just physical but mental too. That is why we need to maintain our relationships with each other. Sometimes others see something in us that we don't recognize ourselves. Maybe a simple, "How are you doing today?" is all that is needed.

Please keep safe, look after each other and yourselves.

Roger Teshima